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    he starting point of my work is color expressed in a gouache or an accidental spot. They represent the liberty at the moment I face the white and clean canvas. Once I decide to start my work, there are no specific notions or concepts in mind and every painting is a surprise. With this, I can connect with my interior, my personal experience and feelings that make my painting dynamic and alive, because for me the canvas is a world where I can make and unmake things.
    If I had to choose a genre for my paintings it would be abstract; the genre that has always resonated with me the most strongly. Although the acrylic is basic in my work, I like to mix media and anything in reach can become part of my painting.
    My art work has gone over several stages, but never forcing the process. Over the last year, photography has become an important resource for me. I like to mix this two disciplines that are completely opposite in their execution; painting process may take weeks, but photography needs an instant where you define everything so that image stays the way you need, in a second, a moment.
    With the image captured and already transferred to the canvas , I mix the color of acrylic with the black and white of the photograph so the image that is placed on the canvas, appears shyly between charcoal, watercolor and the paint spots and textures of acrylic.
    With this, I can achieve a complete and flexible work where there are no define forms or objects, and so every corner of the painting can have a different meaning for each spectator.

    Bernardita Garib D

  • Education

    • 2014, Taller Creación Conchita Balmes, En curso
    • 2012, Taller Emulsiones Fotográficas , Catalina de la Cruz,
    • 2012, Taller fotografía avanzada, Paz Lira
    • 2011, Taller Dibujo y Perspectiva, Hilda Piedrahita
    • 2008-2009, Taller Serigrafía, Hilda Piedrahita
    • 2009, Taller de papel, Aviva Sawiki
    • 2005-2006, Taller Pintura, Verónica Allamand
    • 2005, Taller de Color, Eduardo Vilches, Universidad Católica
    • 2005, Taller Imagen e Inconsciente, Verónica Barraza, Universidad Católica 2004, Taller Grabado, Alejandra Bendel, Universidad Católica
    • 2004, Taller de Restauración, Cecilia Beas, Universidad Católica
    • 2004, Taller Falsos Acabados, Carolina Llorente
    • 2004,Taller de Acuarela, Alejandra Bendel, Universidad Católica
    • 2004, Apreciación del Arte, Gaspar Galaz y Claudia Campaña,  Universidad Católica
    • 2001, Taller de Pintura Carlos Maturana (Bororo)
    • 1996-1997, Taller Pintura Claudia Campaña
    • 2014, “Heroicas”, Museo Historico Militar
    • 2012, “De la Calle”, Art Labbe Gallery, Santiago
    • 2010, “Con el corazón en la mano”, Cultural Corporation, Osorno
    • 2008, “Restos”, Cachagua Golf Club, Chile
    • 2007, “De Antaño”, Salustiano Casanova Gallery, Santiago
    • 2014, “En Tonos de Violeta”, Centro Cultural Borges, Buenos Aires
    • 2014, “Colores desde una Luna Azul”, Centro Cultural Borges, Buenos Aires
    • 2013, “Masters of Imagination”, Agora GAllery, New York
    • 2013, “En Tonos de Violeta”, Dreams Hotel, Puerto Varas
    • 2012, “En Reparaciones”, Las Condes Cultural Corporation, Santiago
    • 2011, “Mujeres por Mujeres, GAM, Santiago
    • 2011, “Reciclarte II”, Anahuac Gallery, Santiago
    • 2011, “En Tonos de Violeta”, Casona Nemecio Antúnez, Santiago
    • 2008, “Pinta Viña, La Sala Gallery, Santiago
    • 2008, Expo Arte al Limite, Santiago
    • 2008, Art New York Fair, New York
    • 2008, Art Dublin Fair, Dublin
    • 2008, Art Winter  Hall, Barcelona
    • 2007, Expo Artistas, Buenos Aires.
    • 2014, Premio Mención Pintura, Segunda Bienal de Arte Contemporáneo, Buenos Aires, Argentina
    • 2008, Second  Painting Award, “Pinta Viña”, Art Competition, Galería La Sala.
    • 2008, Honour Award, IX Winter Hall, Barcelona
    • 2008, Recognition Award, Art New York, New York
  • Arte Al Limite
    Saatchi Online
    Mujeres Artistas
    Agora Gallery